We use only the best products

All Goldwell colour products deliver healthy colour- hair that stays vibrant and shiny over time.

- Goldwell cares for hair by using natural plant extracts.

- Tophic permanent alkaline hair colour and Colourance acid hair colour contain ColourLink – a patented dye intermediate that keeps hair colour on tone between salon visits.

Goldwell hair products are scientifically engineered to revitalize, improve and protect the natural look of your hair. Treating with Goldwell helps maintaining your tallow and sebum (natural oil that preserves the scull and hair from drying out) production at optimum levels.

Split-ends are not an issue when using Goldwell products. A common practice to overcome split-ends is to fire-treat them; however, this is a temporary fix that creates an illusion of repaired hair. in fact, the hair is not cured. Its outside structure is maintained while the inside is hollow leaving the hair prone to creating more split ends overtime. The solution to the problem is to use Goldwell products that have a special formula which bonds split ends together.

Dying your hair is a chemically intense process that can cause your hair to become brittle, rough and hard to comb. A few applications of Goldwell will restore your hair’s natural velvety and make combing it a pure joy.

Organic Color Systems’ all natural ingredients are certified organic by the United Kingdom Soil Association. It is also certified by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as being a cruelty free and 100% vegan certified natural brand.

Organic Color Systems takes a revolutionary natural approach to preserving the cuticle’s natural structural integrity and the hair’s natural protein’s and pigments. Common problems of traditional oxidative ammonia based hair color are eliminated.

Organic Color Systems uses a coconut by-product that is a naturally derived swelling agent that is suspended in soy oil. When the color is applied to hair, and activated under heat, the soil oil naturally softens and moisturizes the cuticle as the coconut derived swelling agent gently expands and opens the cuticle. When the heat is removed from the hair, the swelling subsides and the undamaged cuticle naturally closed back down thereby sealing the new pigment into the hair.

There are no problems with resistant grey hair. Since the cuticle is softened and then naturally swollen open, the coarseness of the cuticle which makes the grey hair resistant to ammonia, is not a barrier.

There are no problems with fading or banding. Since the natural cuticle is completely preserved, it seals the pigment into the hair shaft when the cuticle closes. Also, Organic Color Systems preserves the tyrosine protein as well as the hairs natural melanin pigments which allow it to “hold” color. Color will not fade over time.

Because Organic Color Systems is not damaging to the cuticle, there is no risk of over processing. Hair can be colored as frequently as you need.

The hair is left healthier and more natural looking. Organic Color Systems completely preserves the scalps sebaceous glands which provide moisture to the hair. There is an entire, health-focused, system of all natural professional hair products specifically designed and formulated to support and maintain healthy hair and wonderfully natural vitality and color.

GOLDWELL styling products offer the right product for every style to give you the hair you have always dreamed of. Fantastic volume, durable hold, or impressive shine – the possibilities are unlimited – just like your creativity.